The March issue of Chung Wai Literary Quarterly–In Loving Memory of Wang Wen-hsing–has been released.


The March issue of Chung Wai Literary Quarterly--In Loving Memory of Wang Wen-hsing--has been released.

■ In Loving Memory of Wang Wen-hsing

Family Catastrophe: The Real Life of Wang Wen-hsing
Ding Chao Ho

The Unpacked Personal Library of the Departed Author
Peng Yi

This Prodigious and Demanding Novel about the Human Condition: A Discussion on Wang Wen-hsing’s Clipped Wings, a History
San-hui Hung

Exchange of Ideas with Wang Wen-hsing via Fax: A Discussion on Problems Regarding the Slow Reading of His Works
San-hui Hung

Wang Wen-hsing’s Literary World
Te-hsing Shan

An Inquiry into Wang Wen-hsing’s Views on Literature and Literary Language
Shu-ning Sciban

An Incredible Destined Connection: Professor Wang Wen-hsing and I
Yu-Hui Liao

Alchemist of Texts: In Memory of Professor Wang Wen-hsing
Tien-yi Chao

Our Teacher Wang Wen-hsing
Yu-hsiu Liu

■ General Topics

Transpacific Literary Journalism: Crossing Cultural Boundaries in Factory Girls and Asian American Journalist’s Narrative of “Return”
Grace Hui-chuan Wu

The Discourse and Reflection of a Sinophone “Place”: A Case Study of Shuang Xuetao’s Tian Wu Note and Yang Junning’s Eye of Orsenbach as Participants in the Taipei Literature Award
Fei-Ran Deng

The Spatial Form and the Lyrical Novel: Hsia Tsian, Yip Wailim, Li Yu and Taiwan Modernist’s Quests for “Literature”
Chih-Wei Chung

Transcending “Localness” with “Localness”: On the “Post-1997” Narrative of Poon Wai Sum’s “Insect Series” and “Pearl River Delta Series”
Sabrina Choi Kit Yeung