Master’s Program – General Admission

  • Regulations for general admission into the master’s program can be found here.
  • Past Entrance Exams for the master’s program general admission can be found here.
  • Applicants who intend to apply for a master’s program of foreign languages and literature at National Taiwan University, yet do not hold a bachelor’s degree from a foreign language or English department, must have taken at least 12 credits of courses related to British literature, American literature, European literature, western literary theory and criticism, or introduction to western literature, and have all credits approved by the DFLL department chair.
  • The following are examples of courses approved for the 12-credit minimum:


  1. Introduction to Western Literature
  2. Approaches to Literature
  3. European Literature
  4. British Literature
  5. American Literature
  6. British/American Drama, Poetry, Proses
  7. British/American Fiction and/or Fictions composed in English language
  8. British/American Canonical Authors
  9. Literary Theory and Criticism
  10. German Literature, French Literature, Spanish Literature, Russian Literature, Ancient Greek or Roman Literature
  11. Biblical Literature
  12. Feminist Literature
  13. Comparative Literature
  14. Cultural Studies