PhD Program – General Admission

  • Information including instructions, registration, deadlines, and general PhD program admission guidelines can be found on the Graduation Academic Affairs Division website.
  • Please refer to the general guidelines of the current year:


I. Enrollment Quota: The program accepts 1 student through general admission.

II. Eligibility of Application: The applicant must have a master’s degree in English literature, Chinese literature, comparative literature, linguistics, or another related subject approved by the DFLL department chair.

III. Required Documents for the Application (35% of the application decision):

  1. A photocopy of academic diplomas (BA and MA degrees)
  2. All academic transcripts from the applicant’s bachelor’s and master’s programs (in English)
  3. A copy of the applicant’s master’s thesis or a published academic work in English
  4. A CV in Chinese and English (no more than 2 pages combined), a research abstract in Chinese (1 page), and a research proposal in English (no more than 10 pages)
  5. Two recommendation letters (uploaded as a pdf file by the recommenders)


IV. Subjects of Written Exams (35% of the application decision)

  1. Western literary theory and criticism
  2. British and American literature/European literature (choose either British and American literature, or European literature)

(The written exams must be answered in English)


V. Interview (30% of the application decision):

  1. Eligibility: only the applicants whose average score on the written exams exceed 50 points will be invited for the interview.
  2. The list of students who qualify for interviews, and the detailed schedule of interviews will be announced on the department’s official website. The department will not send notifications to applicants.


  • Past written exams questions