Bachelor’s Program – Guidelines for Admission

Career Prospects after Graduation

After graduation, DFLL students pursue a range of professions requiring foreign language and analytical humanities skills. Our graduates have become diplomats, authors, scholars, literary critics, translators, interpreters, journalists, copyeditors, magazine publishers, artists, foreign language teachers, tourism professionals, entrepreneurs, and international business people.

Hong Kong/Macau Students and Overseas Chinese Students

Please visit the official website of the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students to find the most up-to-date admissions regulations.

International Students

DFLL has been recruiting foreign students (for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph D. programs) since 2010, and we are proud to have an international student body, with current and past students from Columbia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, and elsewhere. For current overseas student admission, please visit the official website of the Office of International Affairs.

Transfer Students

The department accepts up to 5 transfer students each academic year. Admission regulations will be announced after mid-May each year, and the entrance exam will be held around mid-July. For further information, please refer to the Academic Affairs Office official website. (We strongly recommend that students visit the website and search for details about previous transfer exams; the department cannot provide previous exam questions or any information related to the exam content.)

NTU Program Transfer, Double Majors, and Minors

DFLL accepts up to 5 undergraduate transfer students from other departments at NTU, 5 double major undergraduate students, and 15 minor undergraduate students. (Please note: minors are divided into five groups: 10 in the literature group, 5 in the language group, 15 in Spanish, 15 in Germany, and 15 in French.)

For further information, please refer to our official guidelines for program transfer, double majors, and minors.

For further questions related to the admission processes, please contact the National Taiwan University Academic Affairs Office at (02) 3366-2388.