Undergraduate – The DFLL Student Advising System

Introduction to DFLL Committee of Advisor Counseling and Guidance

Introduction to DFLL Advisor Counseling System

The advisors of all DFLL students are assigned to our full-time instructors and professors, and students can freely select their advisors in the beginning of each academic year. But generally, we suggest that freshmen choose required course instructors as their first advisors. The advisor-advisee relationship will last for the entire academic year, and students are allowed to reselect their advisors when the next academic year begins. All advisors shall pay attention to advisees’ physical and mental condition during the semesters, and arrange activities such as lunch/dinner parties or counseling meetings in order to help advisees adjust with their life on campus, as well as provide academic advices and guidance for daily life.

Duties of DFLL Committee of Advisor Counseling and Guidance

This department’s Committee of Advisor Counseling and Guidance consists of 10 committee members and 1 convener, and a re-organization of the committee will be conducted after each year’s list of advisors is finalized. On the other hand, the committee would organize meetings on a regular basis each semester, for the purpose of discussing matters such as the semester’s committee duties or current conditions of student counseling, as well as sharing recent experiences of advisor guidance. In regard to student activities, the committee is mainly in charge of the following types of events:


1. Freshman Counseling Sessions


A week prior to each academic year, a counseling session will be organized to invite DFLL professors to present on teaching philosophy, course selection guidelines, and course requirements of this department. Selected senior students will also appear to share their experiences of their studies at the department, as well as their participation of international exchange student programs. These events aim to prevent freshmen from encountering maladjustment with university studies and environment, and serve as our department’s warm, intimate welcome to all freshman students.


2. Psychological Counseling Speeches


To satisfy advisors’ needs for professional knowledge regarding student counseling, the committee seeks to invite counseling psychologists from NTU Student Counseling Center to offer speeches on common mental health problems among DFLL students and appropriate approaches to respective case. Moreover, the committee would organize an advisor meeting at the end of each academic year, providing a chance for all advisors to discuss their student counseling experiences or propose revisions on relevant policies of the university.


3. Distinguished Alumni Speeches


The committee seeks to invite distinguished alumni to share their personal experiences with current DFLL students, in order to elevate their faith in future prospects through the speakers’ pursuit of dreams and success in the society with knowledge gained from the department. For your reference, our past speakers include renowned author Tom Wang, former legislator Joanna Lei, entrepreneur Catherine Deng, etc.


4. Study-themed Lectures


The committee seeks to assist students for exploring their academic aptitude and future prospects by offering lectures related to matters on “studying abroad” and “further higher education.” Based on past experiences, these events generally attract 25 to 200 participators, and have proved to remain fairly popular among DFLL students, alumni, and students from other departments.


5. Career Seminars & Corporate Visits


In response to students’ consistent interests and concerns with employment issues, the department has been organizing career seminars on various professional fields regularly since the academic year of 2006. By inviting alumni of different vocational backgrounds to share their personal experiences, these events seek to enlighten students for their post-graduation career paths and educate them on required capabilities in workplaces. Moreover, students are allowed to take a peek at realistic working environments by signing up for the committee-organized corporate visits, where the participators get to pay visits to translation companies, publishing houses, and other workplaces, and explore different professional fields through the first-hand experiences.


6. Exchange Program-themed Lectures


In these events, the committee would invite the manager of NTU international exchange program to introduce the program’s application process, and have past DFLL exchange students share their foreign experiences. Since the university seeks to internationalize the students’ academic studies, the Office of International Affairs has strived to expand the quota of opened exchange student positions in recent years. Due to the university’s encouragement, students have shown great interests in these lectures and events, hence their increasing popularity and high attendance.

To ensure these events could fulfill students’ need for particular information, the participants would be asked to fill out questionnaires at the end of the activities, so that the committee could make adjustments to future activity planning based on received feedbacks and commentaries. For students’ convenience, all events would be recorded and uploaded to NTU Speech Website to satisfy demand for rewatch or catching up.


  1. 心輔中心演講: 大學生常見的精神困擾
  2. 第一屆傑出系友演講: 王文華
  3. 心輔中心演講:情緒困擾及其介入


  1. 心輔中心演講:靠近你的心-導師如何協助導生
  2. 職涯講座:翻譯、出版與教育
  3. 留學講座–德加留學資訊
  4. 職場參觀: TVBS新聞部


  1. 新生輔導說明會
  2. 與外文系系主任有約
  3. 第二屆傑出系友演講: 雷倩
  4. 職涯講座: 商業領域


  1. 新生輔導說明會(無影片)
  2. 導師舒壓工作坊
  3. 萬象翻譯社參訪活動
  4. 歐洲暨西班牙留學講座


  1. 新生座談暨家長日
  2. 第三屆傑出系友演講:鄧曉華(無影片)
  3. 國際交換生講座:歐洲篇
  4. 國外留學講座


  1. 新生座談暨家長日
  2. 國外留學講座:申請名校我也行(無影片)
  3. 第四屆傑出系友演講(無影片)
  4. 國際交換生講座(無影片)


  1. 親師生家長日