Freshman English – Reminders for Course Selection

  1. Students are required to take either English language courses or foreign language courses based on their department’s requirements. The courses taken in Fall and Spring semester must be the same language.
  2. Freshman English Course Selection Procedure:
  • Course pre-registration stage 1: Only Freshmen from all Colleges and the sophomores from the Department of Electrical Engineering can register Freshman English courses during the pre-registration stage 1.
  • Course pre-registration stage 2: All students can register Freshman English courses during the pre-registration stage 2.
  • Add-drop period: Students who wish to add to a Freshman English course can contact the course instructors to obtain authorization codes after having the instructors’ permission.

3. Students who take these courses below must submit an aural training fee to the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center for each semester:

subject titlepayment per semester
Freshman English (with 1-hour Aural Training) (I)/(Ⅱ)300 NTD
Freshman English (with 2-hour Aural Training) (I)/(Ⅱ)600 NTD
Freshman English (with Oral-aural Training) (I)/(Ⅱ)600 NTD

4. Please follow the schedule announced by the Office of Academic Affairs. Students may check on their course selection results on the fourth week after the semester begins. If having questions about the course selection of Freshman English, please ask the DFLL Office.

5. According to the regulation of Freshman English Remedial Class, some of the students will be distributed in particular classes directly. Those students  can choose to drop the assigned Freshman English classes and take other language classes.