About Chung Wai

Launched in 1972, Chung-Wai Literary Monthly is a pioneering journal on comparative studies of Chinese literature and literatures from other parts of the world. During the late 1980s Chung-Wai also branched out to carry research papers on cultural studies when the field was emerging in Taiwan then and established itself as a renowned interdisciplinary scholarly journal. Awarded Excellent Academic Journal by Taiwan’s National Science Council, Chung-Wai has consistently won the recognition and recommendation of Chinese-language scholars and researchers worldwide.

Each issue of Chung-Wai features a theme. We have published special issues dedicated to Minor Theatre, Economy of Exchange, Transnational Culture and Taiwanese Literature, Native North American Literature, Urban Space and Cultural Governance, Literary Studies and Biblical Tradition, Shakespeare, Gustave Flaubert, Chinese Culture in an Inter-Asian Context, London’s Urban Literature, Digital Culture, Chinese-Language Literature in the United States, Japanese Literature, Don Quixote, Biosemiotics, Hospitality, Crossing and In-Betweenness, Cultural Translation in the Asian Context, Post-Fifth Generation Mainland Chinese Films, and so forth. Most of the special issues are edited by guest-editors, all distinguished scholars in their own fields. In addition to themed articles, every issue also includes research articles on cutting-edge theories and practices in literary and cultural studies.

A meeting place for a wide range of disciplines and theoretical approaches, Chung-Wai continues to serve as a forum for challenging disciplinary boundaries, fostering innovative connections, and examining the relevance of comparative literary studies in the contemporary world.

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University

Hsin-ying Li

Hung-chiung Li

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Shan-Yun Huang

Editorial Board
Shu-Ling Horng (National Taiwan University)
Han-yu Huang (National Taiwan Normal University)
Chia-ling Mei (National Taiwan University)
Song-Yong Sing (Taipei National University of the Arts)
Tsu-Chung Su (National Taiwan Normal University)
Hsiu-chih Tsai (National Taiwan University)
Yin Wang (National Cheng Kung University)
Nai-nu Yang (National Kaohsiung Normal University)

Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang
Pang-yuan Chi
Ying-hsiung Chou
Rey Chow
Yao-heng Hu
Leo Ou-fan Lee
Yu-cheng Lee
Chaoyang Liao
Hsien-hao Liao
Ping-hui Liao
Shao-ming Liu
Chin-tang Lo
Kwai-Cheung Lo
Shu-mei Shih
David Der-Wei Wang
Wei-lien Yeh
Heh-hsiang Yuan

English Editor
Chang-Min Yu

Managing Editor
Hsiu-ting Jian

ISSN 0303-0849