Visit to the Bauhaus exhibition

Part of German Language and Culture
Goals Better access to German art, architecture and design
Date 2022-06-17
Participants 13 students and 2 teachers

A day trip to the international Bauhaus exhibition at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (Nantou County). The exhibition shows the development and global impact of the Bauhaus school in eight stations. Start at 9am back by 5pm. Includes a trip to Taichung Opera House for comparison. 15 participants.

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Literary excursion to the locations of the novel Pflaumenregen by S. Thome

Part of German Language and Literature
Goals Motivation for reading German literature
Date 2022-12-02
Participants 9 students and 2 teachers

Stephan Thome's 2021 historical novel "Pflaumenregen" packs recent Taiwanese history from about 1940 to the present into the life narrative of Umeko 梅子, daughter of a Taiwanese official in the Ruifang 瑞芳 gold mine. Umeko is indoctrinated by Japanese propaganda as a schoolgirl, her older brother is drafted as cannon fodder, and English prisoners of war work in the gold mine. At the end of the war, her family flees to Taipei via Jilong, they experience the landing of Chinese soldiers as an invasion of armed have-nots, her brother is imprisoned for years by the henchmen of white terror, and her grandchildren grow up in America.

In this project, students each lecture individual passages from the novel for the other participants. Finally, there is a day trip by bus to selected places of the events in Ruifang, Jilong and Taipei.

Photos from our excursion