4/2 DFLL Faculty Colloquium – Tzuchien Tho



NTU DFLL Faculty Colloquium

Title: Where do impossible events happen? Event and Contingency in Badiou and the Yijing

Speaker: Dr. Tzuchien Tho (University of Bristol)

Moderator: Prof. Lilith Acadia王莉思助理教授 (National Taiwan University)

Time: 15:30~17:00, Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Venue: 1F DFLL Conference Room, Gallery of University History, NTU (臺大校史館1樓外文系會議室)


Tzuchien Tho is a philosopher and historian of mathematics and physics. He is currently working on questions about causality in 18th century physics, focusing on the development of analytical mechanics. He is also currently working on issues related to Badiou’s mathematical ontology, the philosophy of algebra, Leibniz reception in the 20th century, and epistemological methods of history. He is currently senior lecturer at the University of Bristol.