Teaching Assistantship Available for Prof Tien-yi Chao’s Freshman English class

  1. Course title:

英文(附一小時英聽);Freshman English (with 1-hour Aural Training)


  1. Job Classification:

UTA/GTA (Undergraduate/Graduate Teaching Assistant)

September 2022 – January 2023


  1. Student Eligibility:

‧Juniors (3rd year or above) or postgraduate students; postgraduates are preferred.

‧Preferably native speakers of English (or with proof of near-native competence in TOEFL/IELTS/GEPT), or previously employed as a Freshman English TA with satisfactory performances.

‧No. of Positions Available: One


  1. Salary:

TBC (as stipulated by the agreement with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures)


  1. Duties:

Duties include:

‧assisting the instructor with classroom teaching and discussions

(Thursday 1530-1820; 共105; TA will need to attend all the class meetings)

‧maintaining the Freshmen English NTU COOL website and social media (LINE group)

‧marking assignments and exams (except compositions and essay questions)

‧assisting the instructor with paperwork (organizing and photocopying handouts, notes, assignments, and other course materials/records)

‧assisting the instructor with library work (searching for course related materials and accessing such materials)

‧academic assistance to students in office hours (1 hour per week; timetable to be agreed in Week 1)


  1. To apply:

Candidates should e-mail their CV (in English) by 15 August to:

Tien-yi Chao, Professor, Dept of Foreign Languages and Literatures

e-mail: tychao@ntu.edu.tw