Ex-position 2023年12月號出刊 / Publication of new issue of Ex-position


Ex-position 2023年12月號出刊 / Publication of new issue of Ex-position

We are delighted to announce the release of the December 2023 issue of Ex-position. In this edition, we take pride in unveiling a special issue titled “Theoretical Figurations: Up Close and Updated.” This special feature includes an insightful introduction, two thought-provoking research articles delving into the works of Georges Canguilhem and Bernard Stiegler, an exclusive interview with Chaoyang Liao, and an illuminating piece on academic translation. Additionally, the General Topics section features an article on J. M. Coetzee’s Slow Man.

We invite you to explore this issue and immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge and ideas presented by our contributors. We hope that this collection of articles will inspire intellectual curiosity and ignite meaningful discussions within our scholarly community.

We thank our authors for publishing with us, and we welcome any feedback from our readers.

All the articles are available in full text on the journal’s website.

臺大外文系英文期刊 Ex-position 最新一期出刊,目錄如後,敬請指教。所有文章全文皆可在期刊網站免費下載。如有意購買紙本,請參考網頁說明:



>>> Table of Contents – Number 50‧December 2023 <<<<


Feature Topic

Theoretical Figurations: Up Close and Updated

Guest Editors Chun-yen Chen and Sophia Yashih Liu



The Contours of Thought

Chun-yen Chen and Sophia Yashih Liu


Research Articles


Creator of Value, Establisher of Vital Norms: Georges Canguilhem’s Philosophy of the Life Sciences

Pei-yun Chen


The Desire Called Neganthropology

Chien-heng Wu




Technology, Posthumanism, Theory: An Interview with Chaoyang Liao

Hung-chiung Li


The Historical Milieu of Academic Translation

Julian Chih-wei Yang


General Topics


Gift/Exchange in J. M. Coetzee’s Slow Man

Tsung-hua Yang