Ex-position 2022年12月號出刊 / Publication of new issue of Ex-position


Ex-position 202212月號出刊 / Publication of new issue of Ex-position


We are pleased to announce the publication of the December 2022 issue of Ex-position. This issue includes a themed section, “Transgression and Irish Writing since 1921,” co-guest edited by Professors Anne Fogarty and Wei H. Kao; a General Topics section; and a new section called Talking Points. The last is to serve as the forum where we accommodate commentaries, dialogues, book reviews, and other forms of non-research articles that are not associated with a particular feature topic. In this inaugural edition of Talking Points, we are privileged to include an essay by the eminent historian Harry Harootunian. Please see the contents below.


We thank our authors for publishing with us, and we welcome any feedback from our readers.


All the articles are available in full text at the journal’s website.



臺大外文系英文期刊 Ex-position 最新一期出刊,目錄如後,敬請指教。所有文章全文皆可在期刊網站免費下載。如有意購買紙本,請參考網頁說明:


>>>> Table of Contents Number 48December 2022 <<<<


Editor’s Note

Feature Topic

Transgression and Irish Writing since 1921

Guest Editors Anne Fogarty and Wei H. Kao


Introduction: Irish Studies in Taiwan

Anne Fogarty and Wei H. Kao


Research Articles


“[T]he deprofundity of multimathematical immaterialities”:

Finnegans Wake II.4 as a Parody of Mechanical Encryption

Pingta Ku


“Exile, Cunning, Silence”: Stephen’s New Irish Art in Ulysses

Li-ling Tseng


Silence on the Border in Eoin McNamee’s Resurrection Man

and Brian McGilloway’s The Nameless Dead

Yi-ling Yang


Nostalgia and Post-Crash Irish Identity in Donal Ryan’s The Spinning Heart

and Mike McCormack’s Solar Bones

Shan-Yun Huang


General Topics


Study in Fairies: Arthur Conan Doyle’s Alternative Science

and the Cottingley Fairy Photographs

Kaori Inuma


Body, Technology, and Art: On Walter Benjamin’s “Work of Art” Essay

and Related Writings

Shih-Yen Huang


Talking Points


“In the Zone of Occult Instability”: Some Reflections on Unevenness,

Discordant Temporalities, and the Logic of Historical Practice

Harry Harootunian


A Poetics of Event and Change

Julian Chih-Wei Yang