Ex-position 2022年6月號出刊 / Publication of new issue of Ex-position


Ex-position 20226月號出刊 / Publication of new issue of Ex-position

We are pleased to announce the publication of the June 2022 issue of Ex-position. In this issue we put out a new feature topic, “Measurement by Default,” and repeat two topics that appeared previously, “Food: Sacrificial, Spiritual, and Secular” and “Non-Worldly Literature.” There is also a General Topics section with four research articles. Please see contents below.

We are grateful to our authors for publishing with us, and we welcome any feedback.

All the articles are available in full text at the journal’s website.


臺大外文系英文期刊 Ex-position 最新一期出刊,目錄如後,敬請指教。所有文章全文皆可在期刊網站免費下載。如有意購買紙本,請參考網頁說明:


>>>> Table of Contents Number 47June 2022 <<<<


Feature Topic

Measurement by Default


Introduction: Measurement as Metalanguage

Chun-yen Chen


■ Research Articles


Mechanical Precision and the Cosmic Sublime in Thomas De Quincey’s Writing

Li-hsin Hsu


So Many Numbers and So Much about Measurement: Quantity in Wu Ming-Yi’s So Much Water So Close to HomeJulian

Chih-Wei Yang


Measuring Leadership in Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow

Chingshun J. Sheu


■ Perspectives


Analogy and Beyond: Darwin and Romanticism

Ya-feng Wu


The Microscope: Mediations of the Sub-visible World

Shu-chuan Yan


Temporality of Empires: Reading Einstein’s Clocks, Poincaré’s Maps: Empires of Time

Chun-yen Chen


Feature Topic  Food: Sacrificial, Spiritual, and Secular (III)

Guest Editors Chih-Hsin Lin and Yi-Hsin Hsu

** Earlier installments of this feature topic appeared in June 2021 and December 2021.


■ Research Article


The Metatheatre of Broken Banquets in and beyond Titus Andronicus

Chuan-haur Liu


Feature Topic  Non-Worldly Literature (II)

Guest Editor Yu-lin Lee

** An earlier installment of this feature topic appeared in June 2019.


■ Research Article


World Literature, the Canon, and the Case of Saramago

Duncan McColl Chesney


General Topics


Constipated Visuality and Its Fecal Remainders: The Anal Poetics of Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love

Te-hsuan Yeh


Reconciliation of Languages and Cosmopolitan Identities: Lin Yutang’s Self-Translation

Hui Meng


Borrowings, Opinions, and Metaphors of Authorship in Tristram Shandy

Jen-chou Liu


Broken Promises in Northanger Abbey

Yih-Dau Wu