The December issue of Chung Wai Literary Quarterly–Special Issue on Mediations–has been released.


The December issue of Chung Wai Literary Quarterly--Special Issue on Mediations--has been released.



■ Special Issue on Mediations

Guest Editors: Naifei Ding and Jen-peng Liu

Introduction: Mediation and Its Remains
Naifei Ding, Jen-peng Liu, and Wing-Kwong Wong

Mediations and Transformations of Social Issues: Analysis of Two Taiwan Indigenous Documentaries of Sasuyu Ubalat
Wen-ling Lin

Flamboyantly Yao: Shanzhai Gender/Sexual Modularization among Contemporary Chinese Yaos
Dennis Chwen-der Lin

Sex, Yin, Translation: Nooks and Crannies of Sex/Gender Knowledge Reconfiguration in Late Qing China
Jen-peng Liu

The Negative Transference in Inter-Asian Encounters: Qu Qiubai and Tagore, 1924
Wing-Kwong Wong

Winners Take All! Marriage Transformation and Women’s Rights Evolution
Naifei Ding (Trans. Hans Tao-Ming Huang)

● Special Issue Critical Review

Uncertain Futures of Chinese Trans Sex Workers and Testimonial Documentary
Nicholas de Villiers (Trans. Mei-fong Siu and Xing Zhang;Trans. Ed. Dennis Chwen-der Lin)

■ General Topics

No One’s Shadow: The Nihilistic Discourse of Paul Celan
Dong Feng

Chung Wai Forum

Yang Mu and Comparative Literature: A Commemorative Forum
Hsien-hao Sebastian Liao, Kuei-fen Chiu, Tsui-fen Jiang, Yu-lin Lee, Yin Wang, Fan-ting Cheng, Ya-Chu Yang, Hung-chiung Li

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Special Issue on Medations

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