European & EU Studies Program


Riki / Application Information


  Qualifications for the three schemes

  • a.   Students taking European language proficiency scheme or Diversified European language scheme shall be currently enrolled in NTU, shall have completed and passed two semesters of at least one advanced European language course (such as French III, German III etc.), or shall is currently studying one of the courses at the time of application. Students who have not completed the aforementioned courses, but have passed the European language certifications approved by local and foreign institutions with B1 level or above shall provide both the original and a photocopy of the certificate in the application. The original copy will be returned after examination.
  • b.    Students taking the EU studies scheme shall be currently enrolled in NTU, shall have at least passed one of the “introductory courses” (detailed in Course Proposal), or are currently studying one of the courses. Students completing similar courses in other universities or institutions shall provide the transcript in the application.
  • The prerequisites of each course will be provided by respective instructors.
Requirement Course

A. European language proficiency scheme

B. Diversified European language scheme

two semesters of at least one advanced European language course
ie: French III(2),    
    German III(2),
    Spanish III(2).
C. EU studies scheme
Applicants are allowed to choose one course from the left column as their application requirement.
 International relations
 International Law
 History of International relations
 Early Modern History of Europe
 Western Political Philosophy
 Introduction to Western Literature
 History of Western Political Thought
 Constitution of ROC
 Comparative Politics

  Application Procedures

    Verification of applications will be conducted once every academic year. Students applying for the program shall file an online application first then submit a copy of the transcript along with the printed application form to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.  
    With the approval of the Chair, the application form and the transcript shall be sent to the program center on the first week of the second semester (in accordance with NTU Schedule). The result will be announced on the second week of the semester.

 Online Application System 

   Important Notes
  •  The department of the Student shall verify whether the subjects and credits of the program are to be calculated into his/her graduation requirement. 
  • The grades and credits obtained from this program shall be calculated into the student’s total credits and average grades of the semester. 
  •  Before Students’ enrollment to the program, credits obtained from completed program courses can be accumulated into the overall credits. Courses that are not included in the program shall not be accumulated into the overall credits after Students’ enrollment to the program.
  • Before Students’ enrollment to the program, Students can apply for credit compensation for non-program courses. The compensated credit shall not be more than half of the compulsory Professional courses. The program center shall be in charge of credit verification. 
  • Students who are qualified to graduate but have not completed required courses in the program can provide proof of evidence and apply for an extension from the Academic Division for a maximum of one year. The total length of study shall conform to the regulation in University Law. 

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