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 The DFLL Student Advising System 

The aim of the DFLL Student Advisor System is to develop a network of concerned lecturers with adequate resources to deal with the inevitable difficulties of students. Through such a system, student-faculty interaction is encouraged and promoted, contributing significantly to the broader development of all concerned on campus. 

This website will give you a brief idea of how the Student Advising System works to support our students with the help of the DFLL Advisor's Committee.

The Structure of the Student Advising System

Except for freshmen, all students can choose their advisors at the beginning of each school year. Freshmen’s advisors will be their instructors of English Composition I.
The department sets no ceiling on the number of advisees each advisor can take each semester. Advisors can decide how many students they would like to take.

At the beginning of each school year, the DFLL office gives out an “Advisor-advisee add/drop list” (also in electronic file) for each full-time faculty member, who is available to serve as an advisor for the coming academic year. During the add/drop period, students can ask for the permission of advisors they like to sign up with. (They can also do it via email) If a teacher agrees to be the advisor, he/she can allow the students to sign their names and student ID numbers on the list.
The advisor-advisee distribution result will last for the whole school year; however under some special circumstances, students are allow to change their advisors in the second semester if necessary.

Advisors will help keep an eye on students and guide them if they need any help. Most students have no problems in their school life or studies, but there are still one or two rare cases that might need your special attention. If your advisee has any problem (such family issues, emotional problems or trouble in studies etc,) you may offer them advices. Of course, you are always welcome to contact me for support if you need more information on advising. If necessary, I will help advisors report students' special cases to the University to search for more help from other units. (e.g. Student Counseling Center, Office of Student Affairs, etc.,

About the DFLL Advisor's Committee

Advisors' Committee is composed of 10 members and one coordinator. The committee will be re-elected each year around October and all advisors will be considered as obvious candidates. 
The job of the committee is to hold regular meetings, revise regulations related to the advising work and most important of all, design meaningful seminars/ activities for all DFLL students.

Below is a list of activities organized by the DFLL Advisor's Committee in the past few years. You can click on the ones with link to view the recordings.

School Year
Activities Held in the Past Few Years
Student Counseling Center Speech: Common Mental illness Problems for Undergraduates
1st DFLL Outstanding Alumni Speech:  Tom Wang (王文華)
Student Counseling Center Speech: How to Deal with Your Emotional Problems?
Job Shadow Day : Owl Publishing House (貓頭鷹出版社)
Student Counseling Center Speech: How to Be a Good Listener to Your Advisee
Job Shadow Day: TVBS-NEWS (TVBS 新聞部)
Freshman Orientation
Career Speech: Business Feild
Freshman Orientation
Advisors Workshop
Job Shadow Day: Linguitronics Translation Company (萬象翻譯社)
3rd DFLL Outstanding Alumni Speech: Catherine Deng  (鄧曉華) 
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