Graduate Scholarship: TA for Western Literature I / European Literature I (Professor Mcglynn)

Poster:Cindy Chen (On leave)News Date:2019-08-08

TA for Western Literature I / European Literature I



1.) grade weekly quizzes (five-question multiple choice)

2.) attend the first hour of each class meeting

3.) run the Ceiba gradebook (=enter grades. The professor sets it up).

4.) help professor read emails in Chinese (occasionally, not frequently)

5.) give one lecture when professor is at a conference (this become a CV line for you and is important for your future). The professor will help you prepare a successful lecture.

6.) Answer students if they email you; if they have substantive questions or study habit problems, send them to the professor!

7.) Grade the rote sections of the final exams. The professor grades the open-ended and essay questions.

8.) Set a good example for undergrads by being on time and not using cell phone in class. 


As you can see, the duties are minimal compared to other TA-ships. In exchange, you are expected to work toward your thesis! Also, you have my gratitude, my recommendation letter, and so on!

Please contact: mcglynn@ntu.edu.tw
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