Ex-position 2019 年 6 月號出刊 / Publication of the June issue of Ex-position

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Ex-position 2019 6 月號出刊 / Publication of the June issue of Ex-position

(English to follow)

臺大外文系英文期刊 Ex-position 最新一期出刊,包含特別企劃 “Non-Worldly Literature” 研究論文及非研究論文,另有一般研究論文(目錄如後)。所有文章全文皆可在期刊網站免費下載:




1. 親來臺大外文系期刊編輯室購買:NT$230

2. 郵政劃撥:NT$260 (含郵資) 。本期刊與臺大外文系《中外文學》共享劃撥帳號,帳號資訊如下。請於劃撥單註明「購買 Ex-position」;劃撥完成後請寫 email 知會編輯室 <exposition@ntu.edu.tw>。劃撥單及 email 聯繫皆請附上收件人姓名、地址、購買卷期。






We are pleased to announce the publication of the June issue of Ex-position. All the articles are available in PDF at the journal’s website on the page “Issues”:



Hard copies are available for purchase for readers living in Taiwan. We are sharing the same post office remittance account with Chung-Wai Literary Quarterly. Please wire money to the following account, make note in the order slip that this is for Ex-position, and email the journal at <exposition@ntu.edu.tw> after completion of the order. Include your name and mailing address in both the postal order slip and the email.


Postal Remittance Account (郵政劃撥帳號): 00179651 

Account Holder (戶名): 中外文學月刊社

Price Per Issue: NT$260 (incl. shipping fee)


Table of Contents Number 41June 2019    

Editor’s Note / By Chun-yen Chen

Feature Topic “Non-Worldly Literature” – with a special section on Wu Ming-Yi / Guest Editor Yu-lin Lee (Research Fellow, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Introduction: World Enough / By Yu-lin Lee and Chun-yen Chen

Research Articles

“Include Me Out”: Reading Eileen Chang as a World Literature Author / By Carole Hang Fung Hoyan (Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

From the Impersonal to the Ecological: Critique of Neoliberalism and Vision of Ecocosmopolitanism in Wu Ming-Yi’s The Stolen Bicycle / By You-ting Chen (Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan)

Compound Eyes and Limited Visions: Wu Ming-Yi’s “Weak Anthropocentric” Gaze for World Literature / By Dingru Huang (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, USA)

Creolization, Translation, and the Poetics of Worldness: On Wu Ming-Yi’s French Translation / By Gwennaël Gaffric (Associate Professor, Institute of Transtextual and Transcultural Studies, University of Lyon III – Jean Moulin, France)

Luo Yijun’s Fourth Person Singular Writing: A Cartography of Time / By Kailin Yang (Professor, Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan), translated from the Chinese by Henry Chang


On the Third Hand: Why to taiwan World Literature / By Adam Lifshey (Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Georgetown University, USA)

Q & A: Wu Ming-Yi / By Wu Ming-Yi, translated from the Chinese by Hsu Li-sung

Compromises in Translating Wu Ming-Yi’s Uncompromising Localism / By Darryl Sterk (Assistant Professor, Department of Translation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

Landscape in Motion: Wu Ming-Yi’s Novels and Translation / By Pei-yun Chen (Professor, Department of English, Tamkang University, Taiwan)

The Trans-L/National Ethos and Ethnos of Tangut Inn / By Pingta Ku (Assistant Professor, Department of English, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan)

Dream Cleansers, from Tangut Inn / By Luo Yijun, translated from the Chinese by Pingta Ku


General Topics – Research Articles

Cooking, Postfood, and Our Posthuman Future in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy / By Nainu Yang (Associate Professor, Department of English, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan)

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