Update Course Description on CEIBA for Fall 2019 Courses

Notice for Faculty
Poster:Winnie Li-hsin YuNews Date:2019-07-24
The CEIBA website (https://ceiba.ntu.edu.tw/) is now open for instructors to update course descriptions for Fall 2019. Please login the website and fill out the course description format (at least 200 letters in English or 50 Chinese characters in ”Course Description” and “Course Objective”). Course list of Fall 2019 is scheduled to be announced on August 1, 2019, on the website of NTU ONLINE.

According to the university’s regulations, instructors must state grading policy in the course description, and indicate how much each exam or assignment contributes to the final exam.

For courses taught in English, a questionnaire on the website should also be filled out, to help international students know more about the courses. (CEIBA >> 點選課程 >> 維護課程大綱 >> 英語化程度 >> 問卷)

During the semester, whenever adjustments are made to the syllabus or grading policy, the instructor must also make changes on the CEIBA website accordingly, and announce the changes in class.

Last modification time:2019-07-24 PM 2:20

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