The June Issue of _Chung Wai Literary Quarterly_ has been released!

Poster:JIAN, HSIU-TINGNews Date:2019-06-28

The June Issue of Chung Wai Literary Quarterly has been released! Please refer to our website for more information:



“Community on Site”: Special Issue for the 40th National Conference on Comparative Literature

The Digital and the Manual: The Analogical Language in Wu Tien-chang’s Video Installation Artwork

Yu-lin Lee

Urban Trauma Films as Lieux de Mémoire: Denis Villeneuve’s Polytechnique (2009) and Incendies (2010)

    Kate Chiwen Liu

How Do Wind and Thunder Echo? A Comparative Research Between Taiwan’s “Baodiao Literature” and Japan’s “Zenkyoto Literature”

    Cheng-chieh Chang


“Dancing to the Stars”: The Poetics of the Child and Redemptive Imagination in J. M. Coetzee’s The Schooldays of Jesus

    Hang-bin Bu

The Politics and Theory of the Lyrical Tradition in Taiwanese Literature: A Critical Reflection and Reconfiguration

Chih-wei Chung



From Sinophone Studies to World Studies: An Interview with Shu-mei Shih

    Iping Liang, Susan Jung Su, Joan Chiung-huei Chang

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