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Poster:News Date:2018-09-19
9th Symposium on European Languages in East Asia
Shifting Spheres of Influence–Perspectives on the Transformation of Empire(s) in East and West 
Date9/289/29  (Please click the link of registration form to see the Agenda) 
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Registration Deadline: 9/25

活動簡介: 本屆研討會的討論重點將放在帝國的變遷,探討古代帝國至二十一世紀的新型態帝國間,帝國的擴張和轉變、幾個世紀以來的(多元)文化特徵,以及民族國家在國際或跨國大型組織中的解體。在這樣的變遷下亟待解決的問題,即是民族國家中的國家認同重要性下降可能產生之後果,因為國家認同減弱的其中一個可能的影響為民族認同的增強,以及在新的政治經濟體框架下所生之新的文化衝突。而藝術,媒體和文學在這個過程中所扮演的角色,也非常值得探討。本次研討會除了系上的教授外,還邀請到來自各校、各國、各領域的學者專家共襄盛舉,主題與內容都十分豐富,歡迎大家踴躍報名。 
In this symposium, the topic standing in the center of discussion is the transformation of empires—in ancient times as well as in their new forms in the twenty-first century— their expansion and change, and their (multi-)cultural character over the centuries and the dissolving of nation states in larger structures of inter- or trans-national unions. The burning question that arises in this context is, naturally, concerned with the consequences of the decreasing importance of nation states with regard to national identity because one possible effect of the weakening of national identity could be the strengthening of ethnic identity and the emergence of new intercultural conflicts within the framework of the new politico-economic superstructures. The role that the arts, the media and literature play in this process is also worth discussing. We have invited speakers in various fields from different countries, and in-depth discussions are expected in the symposium. Please do not hesitate to join us.

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