CFP: International Conference on Hizmet Movement and the Thought and Teachings of Fethullah Gülen: Contributions to Multiculturalism and Global Peace

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Poster:Cindy ChenNews Date:2012-05-30

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International Conference on Hizmet Movement and the Thought and Teachings of Fethullah Gülen: Contributions to Multiculturalism and Global Peace


TimeDecember 8-9, 2012

Place: Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.



The need for peaceful coexistence among the people of various cultures has long been recognized. By focusing on Fethullah Gülen’s teachings, this conference aims to explore the appeal and impact of the Hizmet Movement’s (a.k.a. Gülen Movement or Volunteers Movement) worldwide initiatives to help people respond creatively to the profound social changes everywhere. These changes make the world an increasingly integrated place, while its people have different, often divided identities. A particular focus will be the movement's long-established and ongoing projects dedicated to building trust and cooperativeness among the people of different faith traditions, and cultures. To explore the appeal, meaning, and impact of Fethullah Gülen’s thoughts and the Hizmet movement as exemplifying approaches to education, dialogue, peace, and charity that transcend and mediate traditional distinctions between diverse cultures.


This conference follows a series of very successful conferences on the Hizmet movement that are held at University of Southern California (2009), Georgetown University (2008), House of Lords & London School of Economics (2007), University of Oklahoma (2006) and Rice University (2005).


During the past several years, over 300 academicians around the world studied and presented on the impact of Hizmet movement over religious, cultural, social spheres of the world. The growing interest in this new exciting field led us to give attention and thus, we are convening another International Conference on the Hizmet movement with the title "Hizmet Movement and the Thought and Teachings of Fethullah Gülen: Contributions to Multiculturalism and Global Peace" on December 8-9, 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Please note that the abstract deadline is June 30, 2012.


Introductory Tour

The academicians who would like to contribute to the conference, and approved by the conference committee, are invited by the conference organizer to join an introductory tour to Turkey visiting the foundations run by Hizmet Movement. Expense of the tour which will be held in July 14-21, 2012, and is subsidized by the conference sponsors.


Brief on Hizmet Movement and M. Fethullah Gülen

Fethullah Gülen is an Islamic scholar and peace activist whose thoughts and teachings have inspired many people to undertake charitable works, especially in education and dialogue. After 30 years’ efforts, the followers of Gülen have now formed one of the most effective and influential worldwide civic movements of the 21st century. They work to construct a culture of harmony and long lasting peace by founding educational institutions of nondenomination, and to encourage intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding amongst different religious or ethnical groups. Their work makes a practical contribution to constructive, positive relations between the West and the East, with special focus on issues such as democracy, multiculturalism, globalization, civil society, and intercultural dialogue in the context of secular modernity.


Themes of the conference:

• The trends of peaceful coexistence amongst diverse cultures and faiths

• Interfaith and intercultural dialogue in action

• The Gülen inspired educational institutions

• Structure, development and finance of the Hizmet movement

• Women and gender issues in the Hizmet movement

• Humanistic vision of Gülen

• Gülen's contributions to democracy

• Gülen's contributions to Modern Islamic theology

• Issues of Philanthropy and Social wellfair in a multiculture society

• Reconciliation between science and religion

• Faith based social movements and mass communication


Essay submission

June 30, 2012 - Abstract submission deadline

October 20, 2012 - Essay submission deadline

November 15, 2012 - Revised paper submission deadline

December 1, 2012 - Registration deadline

February 1, 2013 - Submission of final paper for publication

All the papers presented in the conference either in English or Chinese will be published into a monograph with formal essay review procedure.


Some reference websites about the Hizmet Movement and Fethullah Gulen:

1) www.fethullah-gulen.org (Articles, Papers, Interviews, Videos about Hizmet Movement and Fethullah Gulen)

2) http://en.fgulen.com (About Fethullah Gulen, Gulen's Works, Press Room, Conference Papers, About Gulen Movement (a.k.a. Hizmet Movement))

3) http://ch.fgulen.com (Chinese version of fgulen.com)

4) http://fethullahgulenconference.org/houston/index.php

5) http://fethullahgulenconference.org/oklahoma/index.php

6) http://gulenconference.net

7) www.afa.org.tw (Cultural Exchange Association in Taipei)

8) www.formosainstitute.org (Academy and Dialog Institute in Taipei)

9) www.kimseyokmu.org.tr (Hizmet Movement's Charity Institute)

10) www.pacificainstitute.org (Academy and Dialog Institute in California)

11) www.todayszaman.com (Daily Newspaper in English)

12) www.turkishreview.org (News Magazine in English)

13) www.fatih.edu.tr (The University in Istanbul, Currently there are 19 universities worldwide)



Formosa Institute

Taiwan Association of Islamic Studies (TAIS)


Contact Information

Conference Coordinators: Dr. Nabil C-K Lin, National Chengchi University Osman Cubuk , Formosa Institute

Email: instituteformosa@gmail.com

Tel 1: 886-2-2735-0050

Tel 2: 886-2-2739-0173

Fax: 886-2-2735-0052

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