Map for frequently used seminar rooms/offices in DFLL

Poster:News Date:2009-10-29

Map for frequently used seminar rooms/offices in DFLL:

1. DFLL Office (office hour 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00)
2. DFLL Department Chair's Office
3. DFLL Seminar Room 1
4. DFLL Seminar Room 3
5. DFLL Old Conference Room (115)
6. DFLL New Conference Room (a.k.a Old Main Library Conference Room)
7. College of Liberal Arts Auditorium
8. New Research Bldg. of Liberal Arts

Above rooms/ offices (except for 6. DFLL New Conference Room) are situated in College of Liberal Arts Bldg. (marked No. 27 on below map). You can click on the text below to generate a detailed floor plan.


              Old Main Library                     College of Liberal Arts

DFLL New Conference room is inside the Old Main Library. You can also click on the text above to generate a floor plan. 

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