Job titleNameResponsibilities
Executive OfficerHsueh, Wen-lin1.Recruiting
2.Department Affairs Meeting
3.Official Documents Registry
4.Photocopy Cards
5.Car Parking ID & Bike Stickers
Senior ClerkChang, Sin-Chung1.Financial & Accounting Affairs
2.Management of Department Property
3.Telephone System & Bills
Teaching AssistantMichelle Perng1.Personnel Affairs
2.Faculty Evaluation
4.Teachers' Evaluation Committee
5.DFLL Index of Qualified Journals
6.Application for Foreigners' work permit
7.Allocation of Faculty Office Space
Teaching AssistantWinnie Li-hsin Yu1.Course list and Classroom Arrangement
2.Curriculum Committee
3.Course Evaluation Report
4.Grade Change Application
5.Second Foreign Languages Module
6.Linguistics and Language Teaching Module
Teaching AssistantJIAN, HSIU-TING1. Managing Editor of Chung Wai Literary Quarterly
2. Editorial Office Manager of NTU Studies in Language and Literature
Teaching AssistantNicole ONG1.Add & drop consultation
2.Advisees and Advisers' Committee
3.OT1.2/OAT interview test and placement
4.Double major/Minor/dept. transfer affairs
5.Entrance exam affairs
6.Excellent teaching awards
Teaching AssistantCindy Chen1.Freshman English Affairs
2.Graduate Program Affairs
3.Graduate Assistantship
4.Teaching Quality Improvement Project
5.Department Evaluation
Senior ClerkVicky Li1.Assistance in Student Affairs
2.European&EU Studies Program Certificate
3.Chinese-English T&I Program Affairs
4.Graduate Program in Translation and Interpretation
5.NTU Literary Translation Awards
6.Ignatius Ying Scholarship Foundation
Senior ClerkIvy Lin1.TA registration and payments
2.NSC affairs, research subsidies & awards
3.CTLD affairs
4.Assistance in Freshman English &
Teaching Improvement Project affairs
Senior ClerkHung, Chi-ming 
Full-time AssistantSally Ger1.Student Scholarship
2.Service Course Affairs
3.Grade Submission Affairs
4.Graduate Program in Translation and Interpretation
MessengerChen, Shu-JenMessenger
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