Daniel García 丹倪 Spanish Conversation (Ⅰ) TA


Course Title: Spanish Conversation ()

Class Time: weekly Tuesday 17:30-19:30

Instructor: Daniel García 丹倪

Course ID: 102 223202-credit elective course

TA Requirements:

If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in being a teaching assistant, please submit a paragraph about your interest and experience to dgg198301@ntu.edu.tw as soon as possible.

Job Requirements:

 Class Support

·         Set up the classroom for discussion and assist with classroom technology management

·         Take attendance regularly

·         Other duties as required by instructor


·         Respond to student emails, texts, phone calls

·         Maintain the class LINE group

·         Other duties as required by instructor

TA Qualifications:

·         Speak basic Spanish

·         Experience as a TA is an asset

·         Be a current undergraduate student