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中 英 翻 譯 學 程
Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation Program 

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Program Application and Completion Regulations

1) Application Information:
(before applying, keep in mind that completion requires between one and two years)
  • Application not open to freshmen; only NTU undergraduates in the 2nd year or above may apply.
2) Number of students:
  • The annual program quota is forty students, of whom not more than sixteen may enter the interpretation track. The maximum number of international degree students is five per year.
3) Time of application:
  • Applications must be submitted four weeks before the beginning of the first term (check the university calendar for the precise date) of each school year.
4) Application documents:
1.     Application FormrequiredAfter applying online, print out the application form and download the Application Document Checklist
2.     Complete Academic Transcriptrequired
3.     Standardized English Abilities Test Certifications (including both oral and written testing)required
4.     Other relevant corroborative documents optional
5.     Proof of Mandarin competence (for foreign students)required

5) Application Process:
  • The applicant must obtain permission from his or her home department chair and deliver all application documents to the DFLL office before the application deadline.
  • The Program Admissions Committee will review the applications and invite a shortlist to take the enrollment exam. The enrollment exam involves a translation test for translation and interpretation track applicants, and an oral test for interpretation track and foreign student applicants. A list of the successful applicants will be posted before the second round of computerized course selection for the fall term of the school year.
6) Certificate of Completion of the NTU Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation Program:
  • Students who complete the required number of credits and meet grading standards must deliver Chinese and English transcripts (one copy of each) and a Credit Evaluation Form to the DFLL office. Once this form is reviewed and passed by the Program Director and approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs and the President of the University, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion of the NTU Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation Program.
7) Credit Calculation and Waiver:
  • If students receive credit for courses in the program before entering the program, they may count them towards the completion of the program.
  • Credits and grades students receive for courses students take as part of the program will be calculated into their term credit totals and academic averages.
  • If a student have not completed the minimum required credits for the program upon graduation but has been admitted as a graduate student at an NTU research institute, he or she may continue to take courses with a view to completing the program as a graduate student.
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